Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dawn of the Golden Goblin

I haven’t updated this blog for a while.  I apologize for that, I really have been meaning to do so.  But a LOT has happened recently which I’d like to touch on.  I launched a company, Golden Goblin Press, and a Kickstarter for our first project, Island of Ignorance – The Third Cthulhu Companion.  For forty days I never really relaxed, for forty nights I didn’t really sleep, but in the end the project was fully funded.  I’ll
probably talk more about the Kickstarter at some point, what I learned, what surprised me, what worked and what didn’t, but honestly right now I just too busy!  After the Kickstarter ended work on the actual book jumped into high gear!  I went from the stress of getting the project’s funding to the stress of editing, assigning art and maps, chasing after authors for submissions and re-writes.

By my nature I am a control freak, which often isn’t a good thing.  It probably destroys more joy in my life than it creates.  However, it can be a good trait if you’re willing to couple it with hard work and dedication.  I think I am.  I love this project, I love this company, and even though we haven’t actually put anything out aside from a free monster on our website, 325 backers had enough faith in Golden Goblin Press to support our Kickstarter.  I put my faith in them to give my company the money it needed to produce a book and they put their faith in us to put together something worthy of the money they pledged to the project.  I have every intention of making sure they are not disappointed.

I am not the best person to be heading this company.  I am not the best author, nor the best manager, and I am certainly not the best editor.  I can think of many people better suited to do this than me.  However, I am willing to do this, more than that I am eager for the challenge and thankful for the opportunity.  I’m not really sure where this is going, or if I’ll ever know when I’ve gotten there, but I am charging ahead and that’s something.   It’s stressful, it’s risky, it’s frustrating and confusing but somehow, beyond all reason, it makes me profoundly happy and seems to complete something inside of me.   Maybe this was always where I meant to be.  Maybe not, but here I am and it’s here I’ll make my stand.

If the universe wants to knock me off this hill, let it try.  I am the Goblin King, and I have gathered a loyal band of valiant goblins behind me.  They are a mix of new friends and old. They are willing to fight under this Golden Banner beside me.  We are Golden Goblin Press and we will not go down easily or quietly.