Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Evil, Bloodstained Old School Map

Writing has been going great.  Filling in the encounter stats for the latest project, which I am play testing this weekend.  Got about half way done with the stats then moved onto my day, trip to the dentist, took a break and back to work... BUT... I had to do a map.

I don't really do maps, I mean I can, and I kinda like to, but it takes time.  That's time I could be writing, so... I don't do maps.  BUT... an editor asked me to do a couple of hand drawn maps so a real artist could work from them and make something for this exciting old school fantasy project I wrote back in November.  

I don't want to give away spoilers but there one of the maps is for an evil temple, a really evil temple, filled with demon orgies, abyssal armies and surrounded by a horde of zombies.  Yeah, it's way over the top, so what!  They call stuff like this "Classic" for a reason, because it's awesome. 

So, as I am finishing up my cat, Carmine Kimmie Tsathoggua McFatass Rios comes over for some love.  I pet him, we do some play fighting and then we both go back to what we were doing. Suddenly there is a reddish brow smudge on the map... it's a bloodstain!  The cat scratched a hole in my finger and as I finished drawing I smeared the map with my blood...

So, I just finished work on an old school map of an evil temple, complete with bloodstains.

Like I said... they call shit like this "Classic" for a reason.

Ia Ia.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere, Oscar. This one sounds super interesting, does this mean you're branching out into some old school fantasy as well?

    Looking forward to hearing some more about it.

  2. I'd like to start writing some fantasy scenarios. I was a AD&D 1st and 2nd edition nerd back when Dinobots roamed the earth, it was my first RPG love. If the reviews of this first scenario are good, and those fans would like to see more from me, then I'll certainly write more. If it bombs, well... I might stick with horror.