Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Revised Railroad

I’m proud to announce, now that I can talk about it, what I’ve been up to since finishing the Vinkovci chapter of Horror on the Orient Express.  In addition to new material being added to Horror on the Orient Express some of the original scenarios are getting updates.  Certain scenarios are having some of their issues fixed.   These scenarios are being expanded to give investigators more options and control over their fate.   For the most part the original authors are coming in to do these revisions.  Unfortunately, at least one of them is unable to do so at this time.  That man is Richard Watts, a man near and dear to my heart for reasons I’ll get into another time.  He is a friend and an author whom I consider my mentor.

Richard is the author of Repossession, the Sofia Bulgaria chapter of Horror on the Orient Express.  Repossession is a very famous scenario, known for being possibly the deadliest one on the entire campaign.  It’s a meat-grinder, an old school bad ass investigator killer, pure and simple.  But it has problems and has been criticized for not giving players much to do or an ability to affect the investigation’s outcome.  Mark Morrison has seen this and decided to change it.

The Universe has come full circle.  Ten years ago Richard Watts helped me become a writer; today I am revising a scenario he wrote.   I am deeply honored to have the opportunity to do so, even more so that my old friend is perfectly happy to allow me to remake one of his creations.  I keep thinking my involvement couldn’t possibly get any cooler, and I keep being proven wrong.  My name will appear beside that of my mentor’s, something I’d always hoped would happen in the fullness of time. 

I am blessed, and happy…  And oh so freaking busy! May all those things always remain so.

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