Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Yes, That Oscar Rios... :P

Recess is a local one day gaming convention, held in Manhattan about twice a year.  I’ve been going for many years now, as a player and to run games.  It’s where I met Phredd Groves and Ryan Roth and loads of other great gamers.  Recess is something I look forward to and has made me a better writer and Keeper. 

Anyway, last weekend I ran two rounds of Call of Cthulhu.  My modern game Life After Death, and a new 1920’s called Riding the Northbound – A Hobo Odyssey.  Both games went well and the players we all well entertained.  It was a long day but a good one, and as my 2nd game of the day ended I was looking forward to rushing home.  I'd run 4 CoC games in 8 days... I felt burned out.

For my first game I had two brand new players, gamers who’d never tried Call of Cthulhu.  One of them came back for my second game too.  He was a good guy, a good player.  He was new to the area, in Manhattan for work and looking to meet new people.  I always like meeting new players and making them part of my play tester family.

I had my brand new Golden Goblin Press business cards, which have my phone number and company email on it, so I gave him one.  I told him if he wanted to get in touch to do so, that I run games all the time.   He looked at the card, then at me, then at the card, and made a weird face… 

“Your Oscar Rios from Golden Goblin Press?!?”, he asked, or something to that affect.

It turns out he’d head of not only me but the company, on the Miskatonic University Podcast.  Most everyone at Recess knows me, or of me through friends, so no one EVER called me Oscar.  People call me Osk. It was kind of a weird moment actually… I guess I am sorta, kinda famous a little, with a certain segment of the gaming population anyhow.  It was neat.

Now I just need to make sure our first book lives up to the hype.

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